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Backward centrifugal cabinet air conditioner fan air purifier

  • C2S/C2E/C2D/C4E 280.51
  • C2S/C2E/C2D/C4E 280.51
  • 115/230V
  • 1.03,1.30,0.48,0.64,0.98,1.27
  • 280X51mm
  • Black
  • IP44

Industrial cabinet power distribution box cooling fan

★ We are very careful about the details you can’t see

Larger centrifugal force, smoother ball rotation, low bearing friction, low heat generation, fast heat dissipation, in line with future industry development trends

shell Made of professional PA66 engineering plastic, high hardness, high rigidity, wear resistance and high temperature resistance
Movement Real materials, pure copper core, reduce energy consumption, improve efficiency, and extend motor life
Fan blade Made of professional pa66 engineering plastics, with large air volume, low vibration, low noise, etc.
Bearing Use high-precision ball bearings and install copper pipes with precision-machined bearings, with low vibration and stable service life above 60,000H


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