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LINKWELL ELECTRIC for a variety of industries to provide comprehensive quality solutions.

As a leading provider of cabinet environmental control systems in China.

The products are widely used in wind power, photovoltaic, energy storage applications, power and electricity, charging piles, automation robots, infrastructure, high-tech industries and other related fields.

Wind power generation

The wind farm has a wide distribution area, remote location, poor natural environment and working conditions. According to the current situation, Link well products are selected with high safety level and reliable performance. Even in the worst environment, they can operate normally.

Photovoltaic power generation

Photovoltaic power generation is based on the principle of photovoltaic effect, using solar cells to directly convert solar energy into electrical energy .LINK WELL electric can provide better products and services for photovoltaic power generation industry.

Energy storage application

As a prospective technology to promote the development of new energy industry in the future, energy storage industry is the key technology to realize large-scale access of renewable energy and improve the efficiency, security and economy of power system. we insist on innovation to provide strong support for the construction of energy storage industry.

Electric power

Electric power is the energy with electric energy as power. Electricity is the production, transmission, distribution, use of electrical energy and electrical equipment manufacturing and other disciplines or engineering areas collectively. the products developed by LINKWELL electric have been widely used in the power and electric industry, making due contributions to global energy saving, emission reduction, environmental protection and low-carbon cause.

Charging pile

As an important supporting infrastructure for the development of electric vehicles, charging and replacing power stations have very important social and economic benefits.LINKWELL ELECTRIC products are widely used in the charging pile industry, making the equipment more stable and efficient in operation.

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