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LINKWELL ELECTRIC pay attention to customer demand, always adhere to product quality and service.we have technology research and development, consulting, design, equipment integration, construction and project management five plates, according to customer requirements, integration of resources, provide the whole project life cycle construction and management solutions and services.


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·Understand the customer needs, analysis and summary, the whole process to provide selection services.

·According to customer requirements, provide reasonable Suggestions, including parameters, styles and customized applications.

·LINKWELL ELECTRIC always maintain a high sense of responsibility, to provide customers with sincere, careful, patient, intimate quality service.

·Provide the required sample, the latest product sample book and the feasibility plan.

·Rectify products according to customers' needs to meet customers' needs.

·Fully communicate with customers, deeply understand customers' needs, assist customers in model selection and provide the most appropriate products.

·The whole process of goods tracking, provide information reminder, let the customer know the information of goods flow in real time.

·LINKWELL ELECTRIC provides the whole process tracking service, realizing the uninterrupted service and response at any time.

·For batch product problems, implement differentiated solutions or replace new products.

·Improve the efficiency of responding to customer demands, implement 1-hour response and 24-hour solution.

·Better meet the requirements of customers' delivery time and realize the continuity of supply.

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