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Why should fans and heaters be equipped with thermostats

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When it comes to the cabinet, control cabinet, distribution box, etc., it must be familiar in the electrical industry, but I don't understand some professional terms in the field of accessories inside the cabinet, such as temperature controller

The following is a brief and frank talk by Linkwell. I hope it can help you~~Thank you

What is a thermostat?

The temperature and humidity controller can sense the ambient temperature and relative humidity in the electrical cabinet, and turn on the heater (or replace the fan) at the set point to prevent the formation of condensation in the cabinet. The LED light screen at the adjustment knob will light up when the connecting device is working.

Why should we control the temperature?

Under the control of the temperature controller, the environment in the cabinet fluctuates within a comfortable range, ensuring the normal operation of the equipment without components, avoiding damage caused by equipment overheating and overheating, and effectively saving energy and extending the life!

KTOMF012-1JTW6011-1ZR 011-3

If you don't know how to choose a suitable temperature controller, please leave a message~~~Shanghai Linkwell specializes in producing and selling all kinds of high-quality temperature controllers, with various kinds~~to meet your needs in an all-round way!

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