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Which transformer is good, Linkwell recommends JSG series Three Phase dry-type transformer for you

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It is a new type of low-loss energy-saving distribution transformer. The product combines the technical advantages of traditional epoxy resin cast dry-type transformers and adopts a new structural form for design.

The advantage of the product is that the loss value is very low compared with the conventional series transformer, the loss is reduced by about 70%, and the current is reduced by about 80%. It is the distribution transformer with the most ideal energy saving effect at present. The product also has the advantages of compact structure, beautiful appearance, low noise and low temperature rise. , strong carrying capacity, safety labels such as electrical performance, and easy maintenance. In the environment of advocating energy conservation and emission reduction, the market prospects of various energy-saving equipment including transformers are unanimously optimistic.

The transformer is all-copper design. Dry-type transformers are the main components of various power supplies and electrical equipment. The isolation transformer is composed of cylindrical windings and laminated iron cores. , Linke adopts advanced production technology for Weir dry-type transformers, including imported high-speed winding machines and a complete set of vacuum pressure dipping design. Class F or H, the output and input voltage of the transformer can be designed according to customer requirements, and there are various specifications such as single-phase, three-phase or multi-channel input and output.

There is also an isolation circuit between the primary and secondary windings of the general transformer, but in the case of high frequency, the capacitance between the two windings will still use the column electrical interference between the circuits on both sides, in order to avoid this interference , the primary and secondary windings of the isolation transformer are generally placed on different cores to reduce the capacitance between the two, and the primary and secondary windings are also placed concentrically, but electrostatic shielding is added between the windings to obtain high Anti-jamming properties.

Electrostatic shielding is to set an unclosed copper sheet or non-magnetic conductive paper between the primary and secondary windings, which is called shielding layer. The copper sheet or non-magnetic conductive paper is connected to the shell with wires. The whole transformer is also equipped with a shielding shell, which also shields the terminals of the windings to prevent other external electromagnetic interference, so that the main magnetic coupling between the primary and secondary windings is only the residual magnetism, and the equal distribution between them. The capacitance can be less than 0.01PF, thereby greatly reducing the capacitance power supply between the primary and secondary windings, and effectively suppressing the interference from the power supply and other circuits.

When purchasing products, please clarify the following points

● The basic model, specification, capacity and quantity of the transformer

● The primary and secondary voltage of the transformer

● Provide the capacity distribution of each output voltage when the secondary voltage is lifted

● Outline and installation dimensions are for reference only. If the required size needs to be changed, it must be stated when ordering

Note, if users have special requirements, Linkwell can design and manufacture on their behalf

The company's product service guarantee

JSG series three-phase dry transformer is a new transformer developed by Linkwell for CNC system, especially the three-phase dry transformer between 160.VA and 10KVA. Comply with international and national standards such as VDE0550/JB555/GB5226. JSG series three-phase dry-type transformers are widely used in various three-phase power supply occasions with AC 50/60HZ and input/output voltage not exceeding 500W.

The various inputs of the product, the level of the output voltage, the connection group, the number and position of the adjustment taps* (usually +5%), the distribution of the winding capacity, the configuration of the secondary single-phase winding, the use of the rectifier circuit, whether it is required With shell, etc., can be carefully designed and manufactured according to customer requirements!

Before leaving the factory, each product is strictly inspected in accordance with the national standard to ensure a 100% pass rate.

Customized, voltage is optional.

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