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When purchasing cooling fans and axial fans, you must know the following information

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When purchasing cooling fans and fans, you must know the following information:

1. Determine whether the fan is DC, AC or axial flow.

2. The voltage value of the fan. Example: AC fan: 220V, 230V, 240V, 110V, 120V, 380V. Axial flow fan: ball 100V, 125V, 200V, 240V, DC fan: 5V, 12V, 24V, 36V, 48V.

3. How many decibels is the noise of the cooling fan?

4. In the form of a fan, the balls still contain oil.

5. The air volume, air pressure and speed of the fan. For example, how many cubic meters per minute, or how many cubic feet per minute.

6. The size and appearance of the fan.

7. The IP rating of the fan. IP44-IP56

8. What certifications does the fan have?

Sleeve Bearing

When the traditional DC brushless fan motor is designed, the fan blade rotor and its shaft core pass through the oil-impregnated bearing, referred to as the bearing, and are pivotally fixed at the center of the motor stator to maintain a proper gap between the rotor and the stator. There must be a gap between the core and the bearing, so that the shaft core will not be deadlocked and unable to run; and the stator structure part of the motor (referred to as the stator), after the power input, will generate induced magnetic lines between the rotor and the stator, and drive The control of the loop keeps the fan motor running. Therefore, the traditional fan motor structure has only one fan blade rotor, one motor stator and one drive circuit, and the shaft and the bearing are pivotally connected to operate with the induction of the magnetic field.

1. Advantages of oil-impregnated bearings

● Resist the impact of external force, and the damage caused by transportation is relatively small;

● Relatively cheap (compared to ball bearings, the price varies greatly)

2. Disadvantages of oil-impregnated bearings

● Dust in the air will be sucked into the core of the motor due to the operation of the fan motor, and mixed with the lubricating oil stored around the bearing to form sludge, which will cause running noise, or even become stuck.

● The inner diameter of the bearing is easy to wear and damage, and the service life is short;

● cannot be used on portable products;

● The clearance between the bearing and the shaft core is small, and the activation effect of the motor and operation is not ideal;

● The high-temperature gas generated by the friction between the shaft core and the bearing of the motor is affected by the oil rings at both ends of the bearing and cannot be removed to form nitrides, which are easily blocked in the gap between the shaft core and the bearing, preventing the smooth running of the motor.

Ball Bearing

The ball bearing uses round metal balls to operate, so it is easy to activate the operation. In addition, the ball bearing is used with the spring, so the outer metal ring is supported on the top of the spring, so that the weight of the entire fan blade rotor rests on the ball bearing, but it must be prevented from falling, so as to avoid damage to the ball bearing and cause noise. It can reduce the consumption of the service life and is supported by the spring, so it can be used in different directions and angles.

1. Advantages of ball bearings

● The operation of the metal ball belongs to point contact, so it is relatively easy to activate the operation;

● Portable products that can be operated in different angles and directions (but prevent them from falling or falling);

● Longer service life compared to oil-impregnated bearings

2. Disadvantages of ball bearings

● The bearing structure is fragile and cannot withstand external force and impact;

● The source and quantity demand of ball bearings are not easy to control;

● When the motor rotates, the rolling between the metal balls will produce a large noise;

● The ball bearing is positioned by the elasticity of the spring, and it is not easy to assemble.

● Cost-effective, unable to compete with oil-impregnated bearings in cost price;


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