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What types of cabinet fans are there?

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The role of the cabinet fan in our cabinet is very important, and the cabinet fan is the main accessory for cooling the cabinet. The cabinet fan plays the role of cooling and cooling. Although it is not valuable in itself, without the protection of the cooling fan, the safety of the high-value electronic equipment will not be guaranteed, and the heavy losses will not be worth the loss.

So do you know what types of fans there are in the cabinet? Let's introduce them separately:

1. Axial fan

Axial fans move a large amount of air effectively and efficiently, and are also very versatile. Axial fans can be used for ventilation in general factories, warehouses, offices, machinery and equipment.

The axial flow fan is the air flow in the same direction as the shaft of the fan blade, and its wind flow direction is axial, that is, the direction of the motor shaft is the same direction. The axial flow fan is mainly composed of the fan impeller and the casing. The structure is simple but the data requirements are very high. .

It is currently used in many aspects, especially in occasions where the flow requirements are not very high and the pressure requirements are relatively low. Axial fans are available in almost any size from board level to room size, and do not require a lot of power to operate, depending on the size of the fan. Today, it is a very popular one in the industry and has a variety of shapes. Variety, good local ventilation, simple installation, and ideal ventilation effect, safe to use, used in different industrial and mining places, etc. The combination of low pressure and large-capacity airflow is very suitable for cooling equipment and spaces, and its role is quite big.


2. DC fan

DC fan refers to a fan that converts DC power to mechanical energy by inputting DC power, mainly through the DC cooling fan rotor, to make the DC motor rotate to drive the fan impeller to rotate. The best feature of the DC fan is that it is equipped with a DC motor. It has dual functions of "blow" and "suction", and one machine can be used for both suction and blowing; then the interaction switches the current through the energization of the coil, so that the DC cooling fan can run continuously.


3. Centrifugal fan

Centrifugal fan is a type of fan that everyone is familiar with. Centrifugal fan means that the wind or wind flow direction of the fan is from the center to the outside, that is, centrifugal, and then concentrated in one air outlet. Generally, the air outlet of the centrifugal fan is perpendicular to the direction of the motor. Centrifugal fans exhaust air at a 90-degree angle (vertical) to the air intake. A steady high-pressure airflow is produced, but less air is moved. There are AC and DC powered models, depending on the application, but centrifugal fans typically require more power to operate than axial fans


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