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What should you pay attention to when purchasing a cabinet cooling fan

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With the arrival of a large number of high-tech industries such as new energy, photovoltaics, and energy storage, cabinet cooling fans on the market are becoming more and more popular, and the technology of cooling fans is becoming more and more mature. How to help equipment dissipate heat and make equipment life longer , For how to find a good cooling fan, I believe that many friends do not know how to choose, and it is difficult to compare the good and the bad of the cooling fan from the appearance!

Today, the editor of Linkwell has been engaged in cooling fans for many years to sort out some points that you need to pay attention to. I hope it can help you~~

  • The frame material of the general cabinet cooling fan is aluminum and gold. When selecting a cooling fan, you must first determine the required specifications, such as: voltage, model, air volume, speed, current, voltage, noise decibel, and appearance, etc.

  • Whether the bearing of the cooling fan is ball or oil, the ball has a long service life, the ball is the symbol of HB, the life of oil is relatively short, and the oil is the symbol of HS.

  • Look at the voltage on the trademark, (AC voltage can be divided into 110V, 220v, 380v. DC voltage can be divided into 5v 12v 24v 48v.)

  • Secondly, look at the noise level of the cooling fan, whether the fan is good or not, and quietness is very important. The noise caused by many cabinet cooling fans is very disturbing. Usually, the size of the noise is affected by the design of the fan. It is recommended to choose a fan with ball bearings. A good brand fan is generally a machine!

  • The terminal port of the cooling fan is also very important. This is an important point that many people ignore. If the copper wire is exposed in the place where the power cable is not soldered, then do not use it, it will cause harm to people, and if the consequences are serious, it will cause electric shock .

  • The power of the fan is scattered in the cabinet. Some users think that the higher the power, the better the heat dissipation effect. It is indeed to increase the air intake and improve the heat dissipation effect. However, the higher the power of the fan, the greater the power consumption, and the loss of the fan. It is easy to reduce the cooling fan. Therefore, it is necessary to select the power reasonably according to the parameters of the product.

  • To see whether the quality of a cooling fan is good, it depends on the copper wire and stator of the fan. The quality directly affects the life of the fan. If you use poor copper wire and electronics, it will directly affect the service time of the chassis cabinet.

  • Find big brand partners. There are many miscellaneous brands on the market, and many are labelling brands. At this time, it is very important to choose a reliable brand. A good cooling fan will be much better than the average in terms of design and workmanship.


The above is a few important points that Linkwell Xiaobian carefully answered for you to choose a cooling fan. I hope it can help you. For other information about cooling fans, please leave a message in the comment area.

Shanghai Linkwell, after years of continuous innovation and rapid development, has gradually realized the development from trade to diversification, and has formed a qualitative leap. At present, in the era of intelligent industry 5.0, we continue to move forward, continue to optimize product lines, improve product quality, and reach the advanced level at home and abroad. The company's brand "LINKWELL" enjoys a high reputation in the industry, and has successively become the key to the cooling system of power equipment, refrigeration, new energy, medical, photovoltaic wind power, intelligent robots, electrical cabinets, high-tech industries and other industries. tier one brand supplier. And it plays an increasingly important role in key projects at home and abroad such as Brazil World Cup and Olympic venues, Shanghai Construction, Sinopec, Yanshan Petrochemical, Shanghai Port Container Terminal, etc. The brand value proposition is "green electricity", and it is committed to providing global users with safer. , High-efficiency, energy-saving product service solutions.

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