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What kinds of cabinet fans are there, and which cooling fan is more suitable?

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The heat dissipation of the cabinet equipment is not very good. How can we solve the problem of heat dissipation?

We know that the cabinet generates a lot of heat when it is running for a long time. Failure to dissipate heat in time will cause the equipment to overheat and damage the equipment, cause some wires to short-circuit, and in severe cases, safety accidents may occur. Most people also know to buy cabinet cooling fans to help them. heat dissipation.

So what are the different types of cabinet cooling fans, and how to choose a cabinet cooling fan that suits you?

DC fan:

"According to Ampere's right-hand rule, when the conductor passes current, a magnetic field will be generated around it. Inside the fan blade, a rubber magnet pre-charged with magnetism is attached. Surrounding the silicon steel sheet, two sets of coils are wound around the shaft, and Hall induction components are used. As a synchronous detection device, it controls a set of circuits, which make the two sets of coils wound around the shaft work in turn.

In order to solve the noise problem when the fan blades rotate, modern home appliance fans are basically DC fans, which not only makes the fan more power-saving, but also enables the fan to run at a low speed, even in the dead of night, the fan can also keep quiet.

However, the DC fan is not completely without its shortcomings, and the production cost of the controller is high, so the purchase price is high. Secondly, if the design is poor, the air volume of the DC fan may be unstable. These two points need special attention when purchasing.

Axial fan:

Axial fans are divided into large axial fans, medium axial fans, and small axial fans. Choose the appropriate axial fan according to the required use. Generally used for ventilation and heat dissipation of mechanical equipment such as cabinet control cabinets, axial fans are mainly used. The working principle of the axial flow fan is to use the lifting force of the fan blade to make the air flow in the axial direction.

Centrifugal fan:

Centrifugal fans are also known as turbofans. The airflow of a turbofan is perpendicular to the axis of rotation, while the airflow of a common axial fan is parallel to the axis of rotation. At the same speed, the axial flow fan has a large air flow but the wind pressure is small; the centrifugal fan is different. It is characterized by limited flow rate, high wind pressure.

Top exhaust fan:

According to the flow rule of the air with low temperature to the air with high temperature, the fan installed in the upper part of the cabinet blows the air outward, which can speed up the air flow in the cabinet and achieve the cooling effect. If the temperature of the hardware in the chassis is too high, in addition to cooling the hardware separately, you can add fans to the upper and upper sides of the chassis, and the exhaust direction will blow outward, which will have a significant cooling effect;

Well, today's Linkwell Xiaobian's sharing is here. No matter which fan is used to help the cabinet to dissipate heat, it is a good way to solve the problem of cabinet heating. The actual parameters of your own equipment are used to make choices. A product that suits you. If you have any questions or need to customize and produce cooling fans, you are welcome to come and leave a message~~~


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