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What is a control transformer and how to choose a control transformer

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In various modern electrical equipment enterprises, electricity is widely used as an energy source, and control transformers are used in various electrical power control systems to adapt to different voltage requirements of the control system. Voltage power supplies of different specifications are often required, such as: lighting power in our daily life, which is basically 220V or 110V, and the voltage of urban industrial power supply lines is as high as 6000V or 10000V. In the circuit, increase the voltage or The reduced equipment is called a transformer. The transformer can convert any value of voltage into the voltage value we need with the same frequency to meet the transmission of electric energy. This is what the control transformer device does


The control transformer occupies a very important power equipment in the transmission and distribution system, and it is required to operate safely and reliably. When the improperly selected transformer is damaged during operation, it will cause power outages and other accidents.

When selecting a control transformer, the following aspects should be paid attention to:

1. In order to be safe, try to choose to buy in well-known brand stores, which not only guarantees safety, but also has good after-sales service.

2. Whether the power of the transformer is greater than the sum of the holding power of the AC electromagnetic components in the control circuit.

3. Use the power transformer correctly, understand the relevant technical parameters and other knowledge in advance, and prevent unnecessary safety accidents caused by the       actual current exceeding the rated current.

4. The voltage of the primary side of the transformer must be equal to the voltage of the AC power supply, and whether the voltage of the secondary side is consistent with the     rated voltage of the electrical components

5. Identify the inner core E-shape and C-shape of common power transformers from the shape. As for the C-shaped transformer, it is generally a power transformer.

6. Power transformers usually have two windings. In order to prevent hum and other interference, some power transformers often add a shielding layer between the primary and   secondary windings, and the shielding layer is the ground terminal. Therefore, the number of power transformer terminals should be at least 4.

The above is some basic knowledge of controlling transformers, do you understand? You are welcome to leave a message to learn about consulting products.

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