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What brand of cabinet cooling fan is good

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What brand of cabinet cooling fan is good and how to choose a brand?

Common cooling fans are generally used for heat dissipation in computer cases. As the name implies, cooling fans are actually the same as the cooling fans of computers in the power distribution cabinet of the cabinet control cabinet. There are various components in the cabinet, and these components are in the closed cabinet. It is inevitable that heat will be generated. At this time, it is necessary to install a cooling fan in the cabinet to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation. In fact, not only the cabinet will use a cooling fan, but also in the field of new energy, the commonly used cooling method is to choose this cooling fan. To solve this big problem, however, in the face of various cooling fans on the market, many of them are fake brands with agency labels. Many users are confused and don’t know which brand of cooling fans to choose.


Below, Linkwell briefly outlines how to choose a brand based on more than ten years of production and sales experience.

1. Be sure to choose a brand owner with its own production base

2. Look at the qualifications, and the product certification must be complete

3. Has a certain reputation at home and abroad

4. More than 10 years experience in production and sales

5. There are well-known cooperation cases

To sum up, these conditions are basically met, and the others should be compared and understood by yourself.

Here, please allow Linkwell Xiaobian to recommend our own brand - Linkwell brand, and the cabinet accessories products and services such as cabinet cooling fan filters produced by Linkwell are really good. Linkwell is the best electric (Shanghai) company. ) Co., Ltd. has a high brand awareness abroad, and is sold and used in more than 80 countries. With a complete global sales network, it has close associations and cooperation with advanced technologies and enterprises in the international industry, and has established long-term strategic partnerships with ABB, Schneider, ROCKWELL and other international power companies.

Jiejia Electric always takes innovation as the source of power, constantly adheres to technological innovation, increases investment in research and development, continuously invests in new products and new technologies, builds a technological innovation platform, and sets up domestic product research and development centers, mold centers, production and testing centers. , has cultivated a group of professional technical teams. The products developed by the company are widely used in the fields of nuclear power industry, electric power, metallurgy, machinery, chemical industry, etc., and have been used in key domestic and foreign key projects such as Brazil World Cup and Olympic venues, Shanghai Construction-Shanghai Tower, Sinopec, Yanshan Petrochemical, Shanghai Port Container Terminal, etc. plays an increasingly important role in engineering.

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