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What are the main uses of axial flow fan? What are the characteristics of axial flow fan.

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The following is a brief overview compiled by LINKWELL, hoping to help you!

Axial flow fan sounds strange, but it is everywhere around us, such as electric fan, external fan of air conditioner, which is an axial flow fan. Because it is an important part of air conditioning. Axial flow fan is usually used in occasions with high flow requirements and low pressure requirements. It has simple structure but high data requirements. The axial flow fan fixes the position and moves the air in the same direction as the axis of the fan blade. Axial flow fan is mainly composed of fan impeller and casing. It is called "axial flow" because the gas flows parallel to the fan axis.

Axial flow fans are widely used in 5g applications. They can be used for ventilation in places such as high-tech industries, petrochemical, electric power, automobile, robot, metallurgy, light industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical equipment, mechanical equipment and civil buildings, or need to strengthen dust removal and heat dissipation。


What are the characteristics of axial flow fan?

1. The installation of axial flow fan is simple and convenient. Generally, it is directly installed on the wall or in the cabinet where heat dissipation is required.

2. The air volume and pressure of axial flow fan are relatively small, and there is basically no air pressure,

3. Under the same flow, the volume of axial flow fan can greatly reduce the space, so its floor area is very small.

4. Various appearance shapes: the axial flow fan has various appearance shapes, which greatly meets the requirements

5. The blades on the impeller of axial flow fan can be made to be rotatable. When adjusting the air volume, change the installation angle of the blades with the help of rotating machinery to achieve the purpose of adjusting the air volume.

6. Low power consumption, fast heat dissipation, low noise, energy conservation and environmental protection

With the increasing competition in the axial-flow fan manufacturing industry, the M & A integration and capital operation among axial-flow fan manufacturing enterprises are becoming more and more frequent. Domestic fan manufacturing enterprises pay more and more attention to the research on the industry market, especially the in-depth research on the industrial development environment and product buyers. There are more and more manufacturers in the market, but which manufacturer of cabinet axial flow fan has high cost performance and quality assurance?

Choosing a reliable brand manufacturer is particularly important. As long as you choose the right brand, the cost performance and quality of products will be guaranteed.

After years of continuous innovation and rapid development, Shanghai LINKWELL brand has gradually realized the development from trade to diversification, and formed a qualitative leap. At present, in the era of intelligent industry 5.0, we continue to move forward, continuously optimize the product line, improve the product quality, and reach the advanced level at home and abroad. The company's brand "LINKWELL" enjoys a high reputation in the industry and has successively become a key first-class brand supplier of heat dissipation systems in power equipment, refrigeration, new energy, medical treatment, photovoltaic wind power, intelligent robot, cabinet electrical complete set, high-tech industry and other industries. It also plays an increasingly important role in key projects at home and abroad, such as the world cup in Brazil and Olympic venues, Shanghai construction, Sinopec, Yanshan Petrochemical, Shanghai port container terminal and so on. The brand value advocates "green electricity", and is committed to providing safer, efficient and energy-saving products and services for users all over the world. twenty-two

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