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What Is The Function of PTC Heater

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In fact, the climate conditions for electrical and electronic components are not always ideal. In order to reduce the risks and optimize the operating conditions of the equipment, a comprehensive temperature and humidity control system is provided to ensure that electrical and electronic components are not affected by humidity, heat, or cold. The PTC heaters produced by LINKWELL are mainly used inside electrical cabinets to prevent rust and corrosion when the temperature drops to below zero or the minimum required value. The aluminum casing adopts a cylindrical design, which can evenly distribute heat and ensure a constant temperature inside the box. The clamp type slot wiring method simplifies installation and saves time. PTC heaters are receiving increasing attention and are widely used in many fields.

The working principle of PTC heater is based on the resistance temperature characteristics of PTC material. When the current passes through the PTC material, heat is generated inside the material, and the temperature rises accordingly. Due to the increase in resistance of PTC materials with temperature, the flow of current in the material is subjected to greater resistance, resulting in a decrease in heat generation, thus achieving automatic temperature control.


Accurate temperature control:

PTC material can automatically adjust the heat generation, and can also control the temperature and maintain it within the set range in case of fan failure. There is no need for insulation materials such as asbestos to cool down in any application, and it can be used with confidence without causing burns to the human body or causing fires.

Wide voltage range:

When the working voltage changes by 2 times, the change in surface temperature is very small

Energy saving and environmental protection: After reaching the set temperature, the PTC electric heater reduces its current and heat generation, avoiding energy waste. The design of the heater itself has multiple levels of heating temperature below 200 degrees Celsius,

Safe and reliable:

PTC materials have good thermal stability and electrical performance. In any case, the body does not turn red and has a protective isolation layer. In any application, insulation materials such as asbestos are not required for cooling treatment. It can be used with confidence without the problem of burns to the human body or causing fires. Ensured the safe operation of the equipment.

Long service life:

PTC heaters not only have a long service life, but also are impact resistant, damage resistant, and not easily damaged by falling. Its service life is relatively long, which can meet the needs of long-term continuous work and avoid frequent replacement caused by short service life issues


Installation and Use Guide

When installing PTC electric heaters, the following guidelines should be followed:

●Ensure stable power supply and avoid voltage fluctuations causing damage to equipment.

●Connect the power cord and temperature controller according to the instructions to ensure correct wiring.

●Place the PTC electric heater in a well ventilated area to avoid heat accumulation and equipment overheating.

When using, attention should be paid to:

●Avoid using in damp or flammable environments.

●Regularly clean the surface of the equipment to maintain good heat dissipation.

●Regularly check the working status of the power cord and temperature controller to ensure safety and reliability.

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