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Waterproof windowcover of circuit breaker

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LK-series  Waterproof windowcover of circuit breaker

Linkwell LK series circuit breaker inspection protection window cover is an important protective accessory for electrical components such as small circuit breakers, molded case circuit breakers, isolation switches, switch sockets, instruments, reset buttons, emergency stop and rotary switches. It provides water, dust, and corrosion protection for sockets and circuit breaker switches inside the box. The transparent protective window cover can not only be waterproof, but also show the electrical switches inside, making inspection and maintenance more convenient and efficient.

Wherever electricity is used, safety measures must be taken, especially for outdoor electricity, where electrical components must be protected,

So what are the advantages of using transparent waterproof, anti-corrosion, and dust-proof window covers?

  1. IP67 waterproof rating, effectively protecting circuit breakers, air switches and other circuit equipment, preventing electrical damage from rainwater and moisture.

2. The panel is made of engineering ABS material, which has high strength and never changes color. The transparent material is PC. UV protection.

3. The cover of the distribution box adopts a press type opening and closing method, which can be easily opened by a light press. When opened, there is a self-locking hinge structure for positioning.

4. The wiring design of the distribution box can lift the guide rail support plate to the highest point of activity, and the installation of wires is no longer limited by narrow spaces,

5. Multiple sizes available, up to 18 module widths.


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