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Type LK32 fan filter upgraded completely and high efficiency dust-proof

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Dust prevention and heat dissipation

1.Easy installation

2.Protection level IP54

3.High dustproof efficiency

4.Long life

Complete functions and beautiful shape

This LK32 fan filter is the latest fan and filter product of LINKWELL ELECTRIC. Products can be widely used in automation, robotics, charging piles, photovoltaic and wind power generation and other industries. The product has five advantages:


1. The use of high quality environmentally friendly ABS resin (V0 flame retardant materials), materials are safe and reliable, durable.


2. The air outlet is designed with 45 degree angle inverted teeth, which is effective waterproof and dustproof, and the protection level can reach IP54/55/56.


3. Front cover for buckle design, can avoid tool opening, convenient replacement of filter mat.


4. The operation indicator can be added to observe the normal operation of the product.


5. The electromagnetic shielding function of EMC in this series can effectively shield the electromagnetic interference in the cabinet, ensure the normal operation of the electrical components in the cabinet, ensure the stability of the equipment and prolong its life.

Product display

LK32 fan filter (front)


LK32 fan filter (back)

Product photograph

Three in one structure, one card is convenient, quick and convenient. The front cover and the back cover with the environmental quality of the ABS resin or V0 flame retardant material, has the advantages of safety, durability and other characteristics. The environmental protection precision filter pad has a dust-proof rate of up to 91% (which can be cleaned and replaced).

Press the semi transparent blue switch to open it lightly, and replace the filter pad easily.

The power supply indicator light is ingenious, concise and beautiful. It can indicate whether the power supply is working normally.

The product structure is reasonable and the disassembly is convenient. The buckle design around the back cover can be directly buckled on the cabinet body during installation (after opening correctly), without screwing.

The sealing ring adopts high quality imported foam material, which can effectively avoid shock, and the outdoor waterproofing and sealing effect is good.

According to user needs, you can customize different colors.

LINKWELL ELECTRIC has been adhering to the principle of honesty, innovation and dedicated service, and its product quality is in the leading level in the industry. In the future, we will keep abreast of the market demand, constantly apply new technologies and processes, actively develop new products, and strive to provide better products and better services for users.

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