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The structure and characteristics of the DC fan - Shanghai Linkwell takes you to understand another fan of the cooling fan!

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Cooling fans are becoming more and more popular, and there are various cooling fans on the market. With the gradual automation of the current equipment industry, cooling fans have become a must for industrial equipment, including current mobile phones. The same is true, especially if the cooling effect is not good Easy to jam or freeze state. It is because the electronic equipment will generate heat for a long time during the working process, and the electrical components are prone to overheating and damage when working for a long time.

Today we will say that another type of cooling fan, DC fan, is generally used in relatively small equipment fields such as electronic equipment, communication, communication, industrial control, electrical appliances, etc. It is an important cooling device for modern industrial machinery. It has many features such as good heat dissipation effect, long service life, simple structure, convenient installation, large air volume, low noise, long service life and corrosion resistance. There are many manufacturers that specially design and manufacture many types of control motor ICs for fan circuit design and use. Different types of IC control circuits are different, and the main purpose is to provide the effective function of the coil and the related characteristics of the fan for more effective control and protection. Inside the blade of the DC fan, there is a rubber magnet that is filled with magnetism first. Surrounding the silicon steel sheet, two sets of coils are wound around the shaft, and the induction component is used as a synchronous detection device to control a set of circuits, which make the two sets of coils wound around the shaft work in turn. The silicon steel sheet produces different magnetic poles, and the magnetic poles and the rubber magnets produce attraction and repulsion. When the repulsive force is greater than the static friction force of the fan, the fan blades rotate naturally. Since the induction components provide the synchronizing signal, the fan blades have to keep running.


Let's take a look at the structure of the DC fan

The structure of the DC fan is mainly composed of the following important parts

1. The outer frame is made of plastic compression molding, generally square, but also round, oval, etc. It is mainly used to protect the more fragile parts such as fan blades and motors.

2. Rotor: The magnetic strips and blades together form the rotating part of the DC fan. Supports the rotation of the balanced fan blades, pushes the key to switch the speed of the magnetic stage, the outer frame of the magnetic ring, and the fixed magnetic ring. Through these parts, the whole part can be fixed and rotated, and the key such as the speed and size can be rotated. It has good speed regulation performance and simple control.

3. Blades: The blades usually have 7 or 5 blades, which are fixed on the outer rotation of the fan.

4. Stator: It consists of main magnetic pole, commutation pole, frame and brush device, etc., including motor, outer frame, bearing, retaining ring, etc.

5. Bearings: The bearing systems of DC fans and AC fans can be divided into: ball bearings (also divided into single ball bearings and double ball bearings), oil-impregnated bearings, etc.... The bottleneck factor for the life of DC fans and AC fans, the impact on the fan. Noise and manufacturing costs during work operation have an important impact.

So, what characteristics should you have in order to buy a really good DC fan?

Shanghai Linkwell is a professional manufacturer of various cooling fans. Since its establishment, the company has always been committed to the research and development of a full range of product solutions for electrical cabinet accessories. The products are in compliance with CE, CCC, UL, TUV, Rohs and other certifications. The products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions in the world and have a good reputation. You are welcome to come and consult!

Linkwell DC cooling fans have the following features:

1. The DC fan is available in 12V, 24V, 48V voltage, size and other styles

2. Large air volume, low noise, long life and corrosion resistance.

3. Using high-quality bearings, silicon steel sheets, and enameled wires, it has higher reliability.

4. The shape of the fan blade is well designed. The larger the air volume, the lower the noise

5. The bearing has high precision, the friction of the shaft core is small, and the service life can be used continuously for more than 50,000 hours.

6. Small vibration and stable operation

7. High IP level, up to IP68

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