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The role of ventilation filter net group fans for cabinets and power distribution cabinets

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If the power distribution cabinet and the electric box are used for a long time, it is inevitable that some dust will enter, and too much dust will be covered. In the case of humid air, the static current will be too high, and there will also be a risk of electric shock during operation. Excessive dust coverage will corrode the components of the box, and will greatly shorten the service life of the components. There may be a short circuit, damage to the equipment, and even cause a fire.

In order to ensure the normal and long-term operation of cabinet power distribution cabinets and electrical boxes, ventilation and heat dissipation filtering are also important. Therefore, ventilation filters are needed.

Here, the most basic application of a ventilation filter is introduced, which is dustproof and waterproof. It is used for air filtration and dustproof in cabinets, electrical cabinets, distribution boxes, special containers, etc. It does not need to be cleaned and saves a lot of trouble. It is only necessary to replace the inner filter cotton, which is characterized by low price, light weight, beautiful appearance, affordable, compact structure and wide application.

Prevent dust from entering the cabinet. Can filter out dust particles larger than 5μm. It is composed of outer frame, filter material and protective net. It can be used for pre-filtering in energy storage, distribution box and centralized ventilation system, as well as pre-filtering in large equipment machines, clean return air and other systems. At the same time, this high-grade ventilation filter group has extremely high temperature resistance. The outer frame of the high-efficiency filter is composed of a waterproof plate, which can fix the folded filter material. The diagonal lines on the outer frame make the filter area larger, so that the filter material can be tightly adhered to the outer frame. It may also be used with a fan for cooling and ventilation, which is a perfect product.


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