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The composition and function of fan filter

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What is a fan filter

With the continuous development of society, it is inevitable that servers or other electronic equipment will generate a lot of heat during operation. If the temperature is too high, the equipment will be easily damaged. Fan filters have become an important equipment used in many fields, such as: new energy vehicles, energy storage, photovoltaics, robots, charging piles, high-tech industries, etc., all require cooling fans. Based on the consideration of cost and installation space, especially modern equipment - cabinets, cabinets are gradually developing in the direction of high capacity, and high capacity means integrating more electronic devices in a smaller space. Device densities are greatly improved, and the electrical components of these devices dissipate a lot of heat in practice, and more and more consumers are using fan filter combinations. It can not only help the device filter out dust, but also ventilate and dissipate heat. However, many people still don’t know what a fan filter is and what are its advantages. Below, Xiaobian Linkwell will lead you to have a specific understanding of these contents. .

The composition of the fan filter

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In the electrical industry, simple fans are collectively referred to as cooling fans, and those without fans only used for ventilation are called filter covers or grilles. Usually a cooling fan is used with a filter cover. The fan consists of a cooling fan and a fan protection cover. The cooling fan is used to enter the air into the cabinet or discharge the hot air in the cabinet to the outside, and the fan protection cover is used to protect the fan. The filter cover is composed of a plastic grille and filter cotton, which is used to filter dust and fine particles in the air.

The axial flow cooling fan can be installed in the way of "blowing" or "pumping", and the installation direction of blowing or pumping can be selected according to the site conditions. In addition, the protection category of the sealed cabinet reaches the IP54 level according to EN60529/10.91. Slotted handshakes on the cascade allow for quick and easy filter pad replacement. Non-woven fiber filter mats are used to prevent dust particles above 10 microns. The protection level can reach IP54 level. The vent shutters provide rain protection.

The fan filter has the characteristics of small size, light weight and easy installation. And it has safety performances such as large air volume, low noise, small vibration, small electromagnetic interference, low power consumption, safety and reliability.


The above is a brief introduction to the importance of fan filters. I hope to help you. Linkwell has a variety of fan filter specifications and models, and product specifications and styles can be customized. It is suitable for various fields, especially in the fields of new energy storage and photovoltaic. In recent years, fan filters are very popular. You are welcome to leave a message at any time.

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