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The benefits of using cabinet air conditioners in electrical cabinets

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With the arrival of the hot summer, the global high temperature reaches 40°C, the automation of various equipment such as industrialization and mechanization is getting higher and higher, and the application of electrical equipment can be seen everywhere. , once the temperature in the equipment cabinet exceeds too much, it will affect the stability and service life of the control equipment, and in serious cases, unnecessary safety accidents will occur.

So how to solve this problem?

The solution for everyone is to install cooling fans on the control cabinet to achieve cooling. Indeed, this is also an economical and practical method. However, when the outdoor temperature is high in summer, the cooling capacity will be insufficient. And when the cooling fan is working, under the interference of the outside world, for example, oil, dust, etc. will inevitably enter the control cabinet. It will cause a sudden failure of the control cabinet. In this context, in order to ensure the normal working temperature of the equipment, reduce the failure rate and prolong the service life.

In order to solve the problem of heat dissipation of the control cabinet at one time, Linkwell recommends the use of cabinet air conditioners here.

The definition of cabinet air conditioner is a device that can adjust the temperature, relative humidity and flow speed of the air in the electrical control cabinet, and realizes heat absorption and cooling through compression refrigeration. The air inside the cabinet is cooled, and the heat inside the cabinet is dissipated out of the cabinet through heat exchange, so as to protect the electrical components of the cabinet to operate in a controllable temperature range. At the same time, the cabinet air conditioner has a dehumidification function to ensure the ideal temperature and humidity inside the cabinet. . Transfer the heat and moisture in the air in the control cabinet to the outside of the cabinet. High temperature, dust, oil pollution and corrosive gas in the external environment will not enter the inside of the control cabinet, thus solving a series of problems caused by the use of cooling fans to dissipate heat. The control cabinet can always be maintained in an ideal temperature environment of 30--35 °C, and the service life and stability of electronic and electrical equipment are effectively guaranteed.

Shanghai Linkwell Cabinet Air Conditioner specializes in the R&D and production of cabinet air conditioners. The designed cabinet air conditioner is especially suitable for cooling inside the cabinet. Linkwell industrial cold air conditioner can effectively reduce the temperature inside the cabinet in the fastest time. , and Linkwell cabinet air conditioners have the advantages of small size, light weight, safety and environmental protection, and reliable quality!


Linkwell cabinet air conditioners have the following characteristics

1. Adopt IP54 non-condensing water design, unique condenser management system, condensed water can be volatilized in real time; that is, when the protection level of the electrical cabinet reaches IP54, the air conditioner does not discharge condensed water, and the condensed water evaporates directly inside the air conditioner and circulates outside the cabinet. When the electrical cabinet is not well sealed or the humidity in the workshop is extremely high, and the evaporation of the air conditioner is not enough, the condensed water of the air conditioner will all be discharged out of the cabinet from the spare outlet of the air conditioner;

2. Ultra-thin, beautiful and compact design, small size, light weight, simple maintenance, stable working performance, long service life and wide application range;

3. High-performance, industrial-grade centrifugal fans are used to completely eliminate air short-circuits in the cabinet and provide better heat dissipation.

4. Adopt environmentally friendly high temperature resistant refrigerant R134a, which is environmentally friendly, energy saving and efficient, and can work even if the ambient temperature of the workshop is as high as 60°C.

5. At the same time, the cabinet air conditioner also adopts a double insurance condensate water collection device, which fully ensures that the condensate water of the air conditioner will not enter the electric control cabinet;

6. The variety is complete, and the cooling capacity of standard products ranges from 350W to 3500W. Special designs can also be made according to user requirements.

7. Easy and fast installation

Linkwell has been engaged in cabinet accessories for many years, cabinet air conditioners and supporting condensate evaporators, air coolers, heat exchangers, fans and filters, filters, fan units; At the same time, the development of cabinet air conditioners is rich in varieties: outdoor air conditioners, top-mounted air conditioners Air conditioners, side-mounted air conditioners, and wall-mounted air conditioners have higher advantages in terms of price, delivery time and after-sales guarantee. There is an excellent after-sales maintenance team around the world, actively responding to and cooperating with the needs of users. Makes the use of the product to lift all the worries of the user. With various successful cases, the company has passed ISO9001, CE, ROHS, IP56, IP66 protection grade certification. Our products provide high-standard project support around the world. At present, Linkwell cabinets have been designated by more than 80 countries and Fortune 500 companies. You are welcome to come and learn.

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