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The 3rd China Chengdu Industrial Expo: LINKWELL Talks about Future Manufacturing

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On April 24-26, 2024, the Chengdu International Industrial Expo (referred to as the "Chengdu Industrial Expo") opened at the Western China International Expo City. The theme of this year's Chengdu Industrial Expo is "Creating a New Industry Chain, Sharing a New Future of Carbon", bringing together nearly 600 participating enterprises.

LINKWELL showcases the latest products and solutions in the energy storage industry and energy digitization with innovative product design and outstanding technical strength. Focusing on multiple important scenarios such as new power system energy infrastructure, new energy infrastructure, comprehensive energy services, and energy storage.


After decades of development, in the era of new quality productivity, technological innovation has become the "eye of the field" that comprehensively leads the breakthrough development of the industry. LINKWELL has grown into a mature supplier of comprehensive electrical control cabinet accessory solutions. Its products not only have strong performance and convenient operation, but also provide reliable solutions for different industries, enabling customers to create diversified intelligent manufacturing system solutions in all aspects, wide fields, and high efficiency, empowering global industrial high-quality development.


In the future, LINKBELL will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation, increase research and development efforts, continuously improve product technical strength and professional service level, provide customers with more suitable solutions, and create a better technological future!

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