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Poetry and distance, we are on the way forward -- LINKWELL Electric

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To enhance the sense of belonging, cohesion and centripetal force of the Company's employees. Let everyone relieve pressure, release passion, gather team strength, get close to nature, and bloom youthful charm in joy after busy work! On November 12, Shanghai Linkwell carried out this expansion mission building activity. It aims to refine the team, enhance cohesion and centripetal force, and help Shanghai Linkwell reach a new peak in 2022.


During the activity, through simple cooperative games, live CS paintball shooting, we experienced the jungle off-road vehicles. The whole process was full of warmth and joy. During the trip, we helped each other, helped each other, encouraged each other, and laughed, which fully carried forward the fine style of unity and struggle, not afraid of difficulties and dangers.


The activity was successfully completed, and every bit of it was still fresh in my mind, and the laughter was still ringing in my ears; Through this group building activity, we enjoyed the natural beauty after busy work, delighted our body and mind, had a deeper understanding and communication with each other, and significantly improved our work enthusiasm and team cohesion.

Time goes by quietly, and time runs secretly! Thank you for every encounter!

The nation remains mobilized for brand new endeavors. Toward a further distance

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