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New energy vehicle power battery system - cooling fan summary

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In other words, there are more and more new energy vehicles on the market today, energy saving and environmental protection have become a new fashion, and purchasing new energy vehicles has become the choice of most families. Almost all car companies on the market have joined the new energy vehicle industry. Drive technology allows them to have better dynamic performance, and they can break 100 in a few seconds at every turn. In continuous operation, it is easy to overheat. Overheating will affect the operation efficiency, affect the lubrication and insulation, and even burn out the motor. After the temperature continues to rise, the internal resistance of the motor will also increase. At this time, the efficiency and output of the motor will be sharp. decline. And the battery pack is in a relatively closed environment, which will cause the temperature of the battery to rise

Higher temperatures can also affect the lubrication and insulation inside the motor, and in extreme cases, may even burn the motor. even threaten personal safety.

Therefore, new energy vehicles are in urgent need of motor cooling system and battery cooling system solutions

So how do new energy vehicles solve this heat dissipation problem? In fact, they have quite a few tricks.

How to dissipate heat has always been a key topic of new energy vehicles.

Today, the editor of Linkwell focuses on the mainstream cooling method-cooling fan, and I hope it can help you!

At present, the most popular method is the air-cooling method, the cooling fan, which accelerates the circulation of the air around the battery, so that the heat radiated from the battery is transferred to the outside of the car through the medium of air, so that the battery is at a lower temperature. environment to ensure battery life and efficiency.

Why are they mostly used for cooling fans?

The cooling fan is a traditional industrial technology, which has the advantages of stable performance, high safety factor, low cost, easy installation and less energy consumption. Generally speaking, the cooling fan with air cooling technology is sufficient.


From the perspective of future development trends, DC brushless cooling fans are the mainstream of cooling for various new energy vehicles.

In terms of fan parameter performance, automotive motor cooling fans can be equipped with 12v or 24v voltage, and the speed is between 2000-4000. Bearing selection, oil-impregnated bearings have a short service life and are cheap; ball bearings have a longer service life, but the price is a bit more expensive.

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