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MCB protection window

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Transparent protective window cover is an important protective accessory of distribution box, electrical box and socket switch box, which can protect the sockets and circuit breaker switches inside the box from water, dust and corrosion.

In our daily life, we can't live without electricity, but electricity is dangerous. We all know that wherever we use electricity, we must take safety measures. Especially for some outdoor electricity, we must protect the electrical switch,

Today, you can know the advantages of transparent waterproof, anti-corrosion and dust-proof window covers.


1、 Waterproof

It is usually necessary to add a transparent waterproof protective window cover outside the electrical switch, which will be safer. Especially in the outdoors, if you do not add a waterproof window cover, it is inevitable that the electrical switch will be wetted by wind and rain every time it rains, which will lead to damage to some circuits and abnormal power supply. In addition, even in the absence of rain, exposure of electrical switches in the wind and the sun will cause aging, and the service life will be greatly shortened. In addition, there are children or artificial improper operations, which seriously threaten human life safety.

2、 UV protection

The transparent protective window cover has another advantage - ultraviolet protection, because its material usually uses a special material with high strength. The transparent protective window cover can not only be waterproof, but also see the electrical switch inside. In terms of inspection and maintenance, the operation becomes more convenient and fast.

3、 How to install

Transparent protective window covers shall be used in various installation environments and fixed with CIN rail installed at the bottom of bolts. The installation is convenient and fast.

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