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Linkwell-a professional manufacturer of cabinet chassis fan filters in China!

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Linkwell-a professional manufacturer of cabinet chassis fan filters in China!qian-weixin (1)

The National Day holiday is over. I believe everyone has noticed that there have been new changes in driving outings this year. There has been a significant increase in new energy vehicles on the road. According to data, the market penetration rate of new energy passenger vehicles in my country in the first 8 months of this year Reached 11%, exceeding most people's expectations, but the "growth troubles" also followed, among which the most prominent problem is the difficulty of charging.

As of 2020, more than 12,000 centralized charging stations and 4.8 million distributed charging piles have been added across the country to meet the charging needs of 5 million electric vehicles. The scale of investment in the construction of charging facilities has reached 124 billion yuan. However, the bottleneck is still very large, and the later market will usher in huge development opportunities.

Compared with other power sources, the system heat dissipation requirements of charging piles are very high. The power range of DC charging piles is 30KW, 60KW and 120KW, and the efficiency is generally around 95%. Then 5% of it will be converted into heat loss, and the heat loss will be 1.5 KW, 3KW, 6KW. For outdoor equipment, this heat must be discharged outside the equipment, otherwise it will accelerate the aging of the equipment. At the same time, it needs to be waterproof and dustproof to prevent short circuit of electronic equipment and disorder of model.

There are currently four cooling modes commonly used in the market: natural cooling (mainly relying on heat sinks), forced air cooling, water cooling, and air conditioning. Due to factors such as volume, cost, reliability, etc., most companies currently use forced air cooling for processing, which is bound to bring interference such as dust, corrosive gas, and moisture. The heat dissipation of charging piles is mainly divided into The heat dissipation of the module and the overall heat dissipation of the case. Because the charging module is built in, the protective measures are mainly reflected in the case design. The simplest and most cost-effective design is to design the air inlet of the case as a filter, and then The air outlet is coupled with the design of the fan combined filter screen to discharge the heat of the module to the outside of the box, as shown in the following figure:

Cabinet fan A variety of models and specifications can be used more efficiently

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Linkwell, as a professional manufacturer of cabinet chassis fan filters in China, its products have been widely used in the design of major domestic charging piles and replacement stations. The unique design of its products has the following characteristics:

01 Many sizes

Numerous sizes

Wide selection of air volume, the range of air volume for individual fans is 45-1900m³/h, and the range of combined air volume is 25-1150m³/h.

02 Large appearance selectivity

Great appearance selectivity

Can meet the different needs of different customers.

03 Designed with high-quality environmentally friendly ABS plastic

High quality and environmental friendly ABS plastic design

The flame retardant grade can reach V0, and the alloy material has the function of high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. (Different series of materials may be different, please communicate with sales staff for details)

04 The vent adopts a 45-degree angle chamfer design

The vent adopts 45 degree angle inverted tooth design

Coupled with high-quality filter cotton, the IP protection level can reach IP54, IP55.

05 Pull-out design

Pull out design

The filter cotton can be easily replaced.

06 The fan can be installed in both directions

The fan can be installed forward and backward

It is convenient to switch between suction and exhaust flexibly. 

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