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Knowledge of explosion-proof axial fan, axial fan manufacturer - Shanghai Linkwell

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Linkwell Xiaobian will introduce to you the knowledge of explosion-proof axial flow fans:

Explosion-proof axial flow fans are widely used in general factories, warehouses, charging piles, photovoltaics, energy, robots, automobiles, industrial cabinets, wind power, and high-tech industries that require ventilation or strong heating for heat dissipation. The ventilator is a new type of fan that was improved and designed on the basis of ordinary fans in my country. It was a novel fan that was improved and designed in the 1980s. Unloading the motor can be used as a free fan. Explosion-proof means that it can be explosion-proof and can operate normally under the condition of explosion risk, can resist impact force and be used in flammable and explosive gas places, and avoid some flammable and inflammable substances. Accidental motor. Explosion-proof axial fans must use explosion-proof motors.

●Explosion-proof fans are used in situations where there is a danger of explosion. In addition to the fan characteristics required by the working conditions, they must also meet the requirements of explosion-proof. Therefore, it is called explosion-proof axial flow fan.

●The explosion-proof axial flow fan adopts the simple structure of the fan directly connected with the motor and the impeller, which is convenient for operation and maintenance. The roof fan can reverse the reverse air, and the reverse air volume can reach 65% to 85% of the positive air volume. There is no need to set up another reverse air duct. , has the advantages of saving infrastructure investment and fast wind speed.

The axial flow fan needs to be inspected once a year under correct use. When it needs to be reused for a long time, a comprehensive inspection should be carried out to see whether the fan blades are deformed, whether the connecting parts are loose, whether the rotating parts are flexible, and whether the wire skin is damaged or aged. , the bearing should be greased once a year, etc.

What are the advantages of explosion-proof axial fans compared with ordinary axial fans?

A. Explosion-proof axial fans with different motors use different motors from ordinary axial fans, but explosion-proof axial fans must use explosion-proof motors. The clearance between the impeller and the casing will vary

B. The explosion-proof axial flow fan has a lower limit requirement for the gap between the impeller and the casing, while the explosion-proof axial fan manufactured by many manufacturers often has an upper limit requirement for the gap in order to pursue efficiency, which are contradictory.

C. Different impellers have different requirements for the material of the impeller and the position of the inner wall of the casing corresponding to the impeller. It is required that they do not spark when rubbed, such as using aluminum vanes and iron inner walls, or using iron vanes in parallel. Aluminum ring is added to the inner wall.

D. Different safety protection at the inlet and outlet Explosion-proof axial flow fans have stricter requirements for the safety protection at the inlet and outlet. The explosion-proof axial flow fan adopts the simplest fan structure in which the motor and the impeller are directly connected, which changes the existing coal mining axial flow fan and adopts the belt drive. Or a long shaft drive with a complex structure, which is beneficial to the operation and maintenance of the explosion-proof axial flow fan, which is used in places where the concentration of combustible gas is high and requires ventilation, such as the transportation of combustible gas in underground coal mines and boiler rooms.

Precautions for purchasing explosion-proof axial flow fans:

According to the required air volume, voltage, current, speed, noise decibel, etc. of the explosion-proof axial flow fan, determine the type of fan you need to select the model

1. Quality pass

2. Comprehensive performance; reasonable structure;

3. Lower noise, waterproof axial fan

4. With international certification standards, anti-corrosion and other levels

5. Protection class of explosion-proof flame retardant axial flow fan: IP54, UL94V0

6. Reliable manufacturer, good service

Shanghai Linkwell is a professional manufacturer of various axial flow fans. Since its establishment, the company has always been committed to the research and development of industrial cooling solutions. The products are in compliance with CE, CCC, UL, TUV, Rohs and other certifications, and the products are exported More than 80 countries and regions in the world, enjoy a good reputation in the industry, sales hotline: 400-671-6715


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