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Introducing the Axial Fan for Cabinet Cooling - Linkwell

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The blades of the cooling fan push the air to flow in the same direction as the shaft. The impeller of the axial flow fan is somewhat similar to the propeller. When it is working, most of the airflow flows parallel to the shaft. In other words, it is along the axis. Flow fans have lower power consumption when the inlet air flow is free air at 0 static pressure. During operation, the power consumption will also increase with the increase of airflow back pressure. Of course, during operation, the power consumption will also increase with the increase of airflow back pressure. It can discharge a large amount of wind in a large area and is suitable for ventilation cooling. Rotating the fan at low speed can properly reduce noise, because the wind pressure of the traditional turbo fan is not generated in the middle of the fan, but is generated by the rotation of the axial fan blades, so no matter how high the speed is, there will be no wind blowing from the shaft. Walk. Below the shaft is the heating core, and the axial fan is usually installed on the cabinet of electrical machinery and equipment, such as computers, communication products, optoelectronic products, consumer electronic products, automotive electronic equipment, switch medical equipment, heating air conditioners, frequency converters, teller machines, Automobile freezers, welding machine induction cookers, audio equipment, environmental protection equipment, refrigeration equipment and other traditional or modern instruments and equipment are sometimes integrated into motors. Due to the compact structure, small size, light weight and large air volume of axial fans, it can save a lot of use. Space, and at the same time, it is convenient and quick to install, and the blade axial flow fan is installed on the exhaust meter to correct the eddy current and prevent the airflow from spreading. Axial fans can efficiently supply air to the target for spot cooling. It can also be used in series or in parallel to increase the fan efficiency, so it is widely used by many users. In order to achieve the effect of energy saving. The working principle is to use the lifting force of the fan blade to make the air flow in the axial direction. The cooling fan blade is generally directly connected to the motor, with small size and light weight, which is the most common one. Most of them are made of aluminum pressing or ABS plastic injection molding. The shape of the fan blades is similar to that of a propeller, and most of them are 3 fan blades, 4 fan blades or 5 fan blades. There are also various shapes and appearances, and there are many options.

The main features of the axial fan:

It can meet the characteristics of high flow rate, medium wind pressure, heat dissipation in ordinary environment and water resistance in waterproof and dustproof environment. At present, the axial flow fan is the most commonly used fan in the modern market.

The above is some knowledge about axial flow fans, more technical guidance, welcome to pay attention to Linkwell, Shanghai Linkwell is a manufacturer specializing in the research, development, production and sales of axial flow cooling fans, with complete product certifications and a complete global sales network. , the products are exported to more than 80 countries, you are welcome to come to consult and understand.


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