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How to deal with the loud fan noise, Linkwell provides you with the following methods

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With the rapid development of society today, the application of axial flow fans has been fully popularized, and the application is very extensive. of ventilation. Covering many industries, such as: agriculture, agriculture, environmental protection, automobile industry, electroplating industry, aquaculture, industrial dust collection, packaging machinery industry, printing machinery industry, plastics industry, chemical industry, food, pharmaceutical, medical, electrical and electronic, light Industrial textiles, ships and railways, aerospace engineering and other industries. It is usually used in scenarios with high flow requirements and low pressure requirements. Axial flow fans are mainly composed of fan impellers and casings, with simple structure but high data requirements. At this time, it is very important to ensure the air circulation of the production site and equipment, but the fan is easy to generate noise or abnormal sound during operation, which will cause trouble and impact on the surrounding environment. Today, Xiaobian from Linkwell will introduce the lower shaft What are the ways to deal with the loud noise and abnormal sound of the flow fan?

At present, the management methods of wind turbines mainly include:

The noise of the axial flow fan comes from the air outlet and air inlet of the axial flow fan

1. Install a muffler

The muffler adopts a sound-absorbing and sound-absorbing resistance structure, a resistive structure or a resonance structure for noise. The ventilation pipes are staggered and welded and filled with muffler cotton to provide a diversion effect to the wind direction and volume, which can effectively prevent aerodynamic noise. To achieve a good noise reduction effect. Therefore, installing a muffler at the inlet and outlet of the fan is the most effective measure to control the noise of the fan.


2.Second, the installation of noise reduction room

When the noise of the fan is relatively large, a special silencing room can be set up, and the fan can be placed in the silencing room to prevent the noise from the fan from spreading to other spaces. If the space is limited, the soundproof cover can also be used as a silencing room.


3. Modification of the blades

The most common method is the blade perforation method, which can reduce noise and allow the air resistance to pass through well. Usually, the rotor blade perforation method is used, because vortex separation often occurs at the blade outlet, and the perforation method is used. , which can make part of the airflow flow through the high-pressure surface of the blade to the low-pressure surface of the blade, and can promote the separation point of the blade to move down the flow, which reduces the separation area of the blade outlet section, and the effect of reducing noise is also more obvious.

4.Fourth, add sound insulation coating to the axial flow fan

Add sound insulation cladding to the outside of the fan to reduce noise. The noise generally comes from the vibration of the motor and the foundation. The noise is controlled within a certain range through the soundproof cover, so that the noise is blocked in the propagation and cannot pass smoothly. Purpose.


5. The noise comes from the axial flow fan itself

There are many types of fans on the market, so it is necessary to choose an axial flow fan with low noise. At this time, it is recommended to replace the axial flow fan. To reduce unnecessary troubles, Linkwell brand axial flow fan, an axial flow fan with mute effect, and axial flow fan made of high-speed centrifugal, magnetic levitation and other working principles, the noise is very small, but the price will be higher. Slightly more expensive, you can consider the economic strength to buy.

The above are some measures provided by Shanghai Linkwell Xiaobian to solve the problem of how to deal with the loud fan noise, I hope to help you. thank you all!

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