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How should we choose centrifugal fans

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For users who need to purchase centrifugal fans, most people do not know how to choose a durable and suitable centrifugal fan, which leads to the purchase of some products that are not suitable for them, which affects production and causes unnecessary economic losses. Money spent, product quality and other reasons are not in place. . . The quality of centrifugal fans can solve many problems for enterprises. Therefore, the selection of centrifugal fans has become a key issue.

So how to choose a satisfactory centrifugal fan product?

Below, the editor of Linkwell specifically summarizes the following points for everyone:

1. Before choosing a centrifugal fan, you should understand the production and product quality of the centrifugal fan of the manufacturer (that is, the strength of the selected manufacturer). There are many brand-name products on the market, and there is no production workshop. The powerful brand manufacturers are in touch with the performance of the products and after-sales. Together, the brand is hard enough to indicate that the quality is hard enough to prevent small failures, so that the centrifugal fan can have a longer life and after-sales service is more in place and more intimate. So it is necessary to choose a good brand.

2. When purchasing a centrifugal fan, you must decide according to your own actual situation and the process conditions of your enterprise, and tell the supplier about the air volume required in the project for the fan. Generally speaking, the air volume is below 100m3/min. The air volume of the fan is too large, which causes the vibration of the air duct and causes abnormal noise in the air duct.

3. The voltage of the fan. The voltage has 230-400V, the performance parameters of the fan speed, power and wind pressure. If you have special needs, you must inform the manufacturer in advance.

4. The location where the centrifugal fan is installed, and the working environment and usage of the centrifugal fan should be clearly described to the manufacturer, which is suitable for on-site production, installation and safe operation. Generally, the manufacturer will provide a very good matching plan according to these conditions.

5. It is necessary to fully consider where the air box is to set the position of the air outlet, so as to avoid finding the air outlet after the equipment is installed, and asking for trouble. If the location where the fan is installed is restricted, the size of the fan should be considered first when selecting a fan.

6. For places that require strict quietness, low-noise and silent centrifugal fans should be used.

7. When choosing a centrifugal fan, it should be compared carefully, and the centrifugal fan with higher efficiency, smaller machine size, light weight and large adjustment range should be selected first.

8. The last thing I want to tell you is that the motor power of the centrifugal fan has requirements. The reason for this setting is to avoid the occurrence of overload, so everyone must pay attention to avoid such problems in the process of using the centrifugal fan.

9. No matter how you choose, brand strength + cost-effective cabinet centrifugal fans are what we need most


Shanghai Linkwell brand is a professional manufacturer of various centrifugal fans. Since its establishment, the company has always been committed to the research and development of industrial cooling solutions. The products are in compliance with CE, CCC, UL, TUV, Rohs and other certifications, and the products are exported More than 80 countries and regions in the world have a good reputation. 

You are welcome to come to consult. 

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