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For the top exhaust fan, should the installation method be exhaust or blower? Linkwell has the answer for you!

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The exhaust fan on the top of the cabinet, should the installation method be exhaust or blower?

When I was a child, it was hot in the bedroom at night in summer. I used an electric fan to blow out the window, but it was still hot. Then I took the fan out of the window and blew it into the room, and the effect was immediate!

There is a very classic sentence, the overall cooling axial fan, the local cooling blower. In general electrical control cabinets, the fans blow out, and the air inlets are equipped with filters. According to the principle of hot air going up, if you install a fan on the top of the cabinet, it should be exhaust air, so that the inside of the electrical cabinet is exhausted. Negative pressure is formed, and the fluidity is relatively better. If the internal temperature of the cabinet is too high, a fan can be installed at this time. When the fan is installed at the bottom, it should be a suction type. Of course, the exhaust also needs air flow, and there will be dust deposits in the flow. Filter screen, which solves the problem that the working site environment is not ideal, and when the accessories in the electrical control cabinet are affected by dust, water vapor, etc., the control cabinet has two fans. Air convection is generated to achieve the purpose of heat dissipation. Simply put, the overall heat dissipation (cabinet) is exhausted to the outside, so that the internal heat can be dissipated to the outside in time, and the internal temperature of the cabinet is stable and not high.

The reason is that some people have done a similar simulation experiment. When blowing air into the cabinet, it is easy to form eddy currents inside the fan. For overall cooling. Of course, the overall airflow model must be considered. Compared with the side-mounted fan filter, the top exhaust fan has a larger air volume and better heat dissipation.

This is an excellent cooling system, which is exquisite, which is the so-called air duct design. Why? According to the principle of hot air going up, the hot air usually gathers upward, so the design of the exhaust fan at the top of the cabinet can greatly save the space inside the cabinet and effectively avoid the problem of insufficient installation space inside the cabinet.

1. The appearance is various and the choice is large.

2. The top fan is small in size, light in weight, high performance and does not occupy space. The industrial-grade ball bearing fan has an air volume of up to 1000m3/h, which can completely reduce the temperature inside the electrical cabinet in a short time; it can also be configured according to customer requirements Design the exhaust fan on the top of the electric cabinet control cabinet with a larger air volume.

3. The installation is simple and quick, only need to open a square hole on the top of the cabinet, and there are various installation methods for clips and screws, which are easy to choose. Just fasten the four screws and clips provided (the clips are adjustable)

4. The roof-shaped shape can not only prevent rain but also prevent the damage of other external machinery. In addition, it has the characteristics of self-contained high-quality waterproof sealing frame. The protection level can reach IP33 according to EN60529; Equipped with G3 grade filter cotton to achieve smooth air;

5. There is only one filter for the whole set of installation, which is easier to maintain. The cooling fan on the top of the electrical cabinet is especially suitable for places with high temperature, harsh environment and strict requirements.

6. The side-mounted cooling fans currently used in electrical cabinets have a small air volume. Multiple electrical cabinets often need to be installed for heat dissipation. At this time, one Linkwell top-mounted cooling fan can replace multiple ones. The side cooling fan not only reduces the workload for engineers, but also saves a lot of investment for users.

LINKWELL can provide a full range of top exhaust fans and filter products, which are easy and fast to install and replace the filter cotton. Provide customized services to meet customer needs in an all-round way, and a perfect after-sales service system, so that your choice has no worries.

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