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Electrical cabinet installation cooling fan summary

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During the recent consultation, Linkwell Xiaobian encountered some users asking whether to install cooling fans in the power distribution cabinet?

The answer is that it must be installed, and it is not complicated, and the price is relatively low.

There are a large number of components and accessories in the power distribution cabinet and the power distribution box. These components will inevitably bring heat during operation, which will cause the temperature in the power distribution cabinet to remain high, which will affect the working life of the components in the cabinet. , the heat is too large, especially in summer, it is easy to burn the equipment, it is recommended to install some heat dissipation measures. Keep the temperature inside the control cabinet normal, effectively improve the safety and stability of product operation, and use the fan to force convection for heat exchange. It is generally recommended to reserve several spare circuits in the power distribution cabinet for the cooling fan. At the same time, pay attention to the installation space. Usually one or two cooling fans are installed in the power distribution box to help the heat dissipation of the space and increase the air circulation. circulation.


1. How to choose

The fan selection in the electrical control cabinet mainly considers the normal working temperature inside the cabinet and the better ambient temperature outside the cabinet, obtain a temperature, estimate the air capacity in the cabinet, and then calculate the actual required ventilation rate through temperature calculation. The protection level of the equipment in the control cabinet needs to consider the dust-proof and moisture-proof functions of the control cabinet, so as to choose the fan that is actually required, and generally at night, the temperature drops, so condensate water will be generated and attached to the circuit board in the cabinet. , so it is necessary to select the corresponding electric heater to use it to maintain the temperature in the cabinet


2. How to install

Determine the installation direction:

First of all, it is very important to confirm whether your cabinet needs to enter the air in or discharge the hot air in the cabinet. This step is often ignored by many customers, and some customers even do not know that the fan is still divided into "direction". There are two types of air intake in the cabinet and exhaust air out of the cabinet.

Generally speaking, the positive pressure in the cabinet should be maintained, so the air should be fed into the cabinet; the reason is that if the fan exhausts the air outside the cabinet, it will cause negative pressure in the cabinet, and the outside air will directly flow from the gap of the cabinet door and the side of the top panel. The unfiltered air enters the cabinet directly, which will cause dust to accumulate in the cabinet after a long time.

Clarify the location of the fan opening:

In order to ensure that the air inside the cabinet can be convected, the first thing we need to consider is the reasonable position of the air inlet and air outlet of the cabinet fan.

Then press the fan to align the hole position. Is it super easy and fast to install?


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