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Definition of heat dissipation in the new energy field of charging piles, commonly used cooling fans

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In the era of new energy, charging piles are the equipment that must be supplemented. How to solve the difficulty of charging new energy vehicles is the top priority. At present, under the momentum of rapid development of new energy vehicles, the demand for charging piles is increasing day by day. Manufacturers are accelerating the deployment of charging stations, and charging piles can be seen everywhere on both sides of the road. This phenomenon is believed to come soon.

The main explanation of this article is the definition of common cooling solutions for charging piles. Follow Linkwell's small article to get a general understanding!

Compared with other power sources and electrical equipment, the heat dissipation system of the electric pile is much larger. This is because conventional charging generally achieves the effect of fast charging in a short period of time, and at the same time, this will also cause the heat to rise rapidly. , the faster the charging pile is charged, the voltage and power of the inductance module will also increase. The main power module inside the charging pile is the AD-CD power module. Once the charging pile cannot be cooled in time, the temperature will rise to the limit. No matter how good the quality of the charging pile is, it will also lead to potential safety hazards, and it is urgent to solve the problem of heat dissipation of the charging pile.

So, how to solve the problem of the service life of the charging pile and the heat dissipation requirements for safe operation?

First of all, it must be good cooling and heat dissipation performance, high safety and reliability, these two characteristics must be satisfied,

Let's talk about it again, there are only four cooling modes on the market: natural cooling mainly relies on heat sinks, water cooling, forced air cooling, and air conditioning. Due to factors such as volume, cost, reliability, etc., forced air cooling is basically used for processing. So how to solve the interference caused by dust, corrosive gas, moisture and so on. Too much complexity, not conducive to light integrated design,

Linkwell introduced the simplest and most economical cooling solution. The cooling method commonly used in the industry is the cooling fan.

The key point of its design technology is that it is very simple and convenient, easy to install, and its cost is much lower than other cooling modes, low cost, energy saving and environmental protection, less energy consumption, and can achieve the effect of rapid heat dissipation.


We can design the air inlet and outlet at both ends of the box to select the louver filter group, which is effectively waterproof and dustproof. Then add a cooling fan/axial DC to the air outlet to remove the heat from the module fan. Greatly meet the cooling requirements of charging piles,

Here, please allow Linkwell to advertise a house

Linkwell cooling fans are used in actual charging piles. For charging piles with high waterproof level requirements, high-efficiency flame-retardant cooling fan filter mesh groups will be used during construction or assembly.

Linkwell cooling fans have the advantages of waterproof, dustproof, high temperature resistance, stable performance, safety and environmental protection, which can well protect the power module and improve the safety and service life. It is completely in line with the use in charging piles and further enhances the user experience.



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