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DC fan encyclopedia, advantages and disadvantages of DC fans

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What is a DC fan and what are the advantages and disadvantages of a DC fan

Fans, axial fans, cooling fans, everyone must know some of them. There are also various fans on the market. With the advent of new energy, photovoltaic and other industries, many users prefer DC fans, DC fans are referred to as DC. DC fan. There are 5V, 12V, 24V, 48V and other voltage options, DC fans are generally used in electrical equipment, such as mechanical equipment, electrical cabinets, new energy vehicles, computer mainframes, communication products, optoelectronic products, consumer electronics, automotive electronic equipment, It is suitable for traditional or modern equipment such as exchangers, medical equipment, heaters, air conditioners, frequency converters, ATMs, car freezers, welding machines, induction cookers, audio equipment, environmental protection equipment, and refrigeration equipment.

Today, the editor of Linkwell briefly introduces the DC fan and its advantages and disadvantages.

The "DC" of a DC fan refers to a power supply method. Electricity is divided into two types: AC and DC. By inputting DC power, the DC motor is rotated to drive the fan impeller to rotate, thereby realizing the conversion process of DC power to mechanical energy. The DC motor drives the DC fan. The characteristic of the DC fan is that it is equipped with a DC motor. At present, DC fans mostly use DC brushless motors, which are greatly simplified in structure because the collector rings and brushes for excitation are omitted. At the same time, not only the manufacturability of the motor is improved, but also the mechanical reliability of the motor operation is greatly enhanced, which can improve the efficiency to a greater extent and increase the service life.


So what are the advantages of DC fans?

1. High power factor

2. Using high-quality bearings, silicon steel sheets, enameled wires, with higher reliability

3. It has the characteristics of large air volume, low noise, long life and corrosion resistance.

4. Compared with AC fans, it is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

5. Good speed regulation performance and simple control

6. The inverter capacity is low, so the inverter cost is low

The latter, what are the disadvantages of the DC fan?

The manufacturing process of the DC cooling fan will be more complicated, the cost will be higher, and the price will be slightly more expensive

When the DC fan is running, it consumes a little electricity, and at the same time, it is necessary to regularly maintain and replace the filter screen to prevent the DC motor from overheating and burning the DC fan.

The above is the introduction of the DC fan and the elaboration of its advantages and disadvantages. I believe that everyone has a deeper understanding of the DC fan. There are various types and styles of DC fans on the market. I hope everyone can choose the DC fan they want.

If you need DC fans, cooling fans, axial fans, and cabinet accessories, welcome your message~~

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