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Control transformers, what to pay attention to when buying and installing!

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In industrial enterprises, most of them use electricity as the energy source, and the control transformer is used as the power supply of the electrical control circuit to meet the voltage requirements of different electrical components.

In low-voltage power distribution systems, control transformers are named for their use in control systems. As the name suggests, it is mainly used for "control". It is actually a step-down transformer with multiple output voltages, and can also be used as a power supply for low-voltage lighting, signal lights and indicator lights.

变压器新版 本

Let's follow Linkwell's editor to introduce its function and precautions for use. You may wish to take a look at it.

What are the functions of control transformers?

1. Isolation to prevent electric shock

2. Anti-interference

3. It is convenient to obtain the appropriate voltage

4. When the designed power is not exceeded, the control transformer can also change the current

5. In the electronic amplification circuit, in order to achieve the least energy consumption in the transfer between the two-wire amplification, it is necessary to carry out impedance matching and connect with a transformer, which can play a role in changing the impedance.

6. In the AC transformer, the number of turns of the output coil can be changed immediately to achieve the purpose of speed regulation and output voltage.

Control transformer should pay attention to what?

1. Before purchasing the control transformer, first calculate the total capacity of the electrical appliance, and leave a margin to prevent the transformer from being burned out when it starts instantaneously.

2. For transformers whose windings divide power, the power of each winding should be strictly controlled to avoid burning out the transformer.

3. Before installing the control transformer, check whether the data parameters meet the specified requirements. After the inspection is no problem, the transformer can be put into use.

4. Secondly, fix the transformer, which should be fixed in an appropriate position, and the fixing should be firm to ensure that it will not be vibrated and corroded.

5. After the circuit is tested, in order to check whether the grid voltage is the rated output voltage. If not, a regulated power supply should be installed in front of the transformer to ensure that the transformer can work normally and avoid damage.

7. When the transformer is running, pay attention to whether there is any abnormality in the heat generation. If there is any abnormality, it should be dealt with in time.

Linkwell's machine tool control transformer series products have further absorbed the advantages of similar products at home and abroad for many years, and are manufactured with technology and rigorous design, and foreign terminals are selected. They have excellent performance, reliable work, low energy consumption, small size, It has the characteristics of safe wiring, high protection level and wide applicability. Using cold-rolled silicon steel sheet stacking; special dipping process treatment, effectively reducing vibration and noise during operation; and the introduction of new processes and technologies such as the design of insulating materials, making the transformer safer and more energy-saving

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