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Characteristics of multi blade centrifugal fan

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What are the advantages of multi wing centrifugal fan

Multi wing centrifugal fan is a kind of centrifugal fan and also a common fan cooling machine in the market. Because the impeller used in this type of centrifugal fan is a multi wing fan, the working principle is the same as that of centrifugal fan. According to the principle of kinetic energy conversion into potential energy, high-speed rotating impeller is used to accelerate the gas, then decelerate, change the flow direction, so that kinetic energy can be converted into potential energy. Because it can drive the surrounding air to become popular at high speed, it is widely used in mines, mines Industry, construction industry, drying industry, air conditioning equipment, ventilation, dust removal and cooling, so it is popularly known as multi wing centrifugal fan.


1. The multi wing centrifugal fan is equipped with a certified high efficiency motor, which is directly connected and has stable performance.

2. The fan wheel of multi wing centrifugal fan is of multi wing type, with forward or backward inclined blades, which can meet the requirements of air volume and pressure more widely. In addition, the cabinet can be silenced, which has obvious advantages in noise indicators. High speed and stable operation, large air volume, low noise.

3. The casing of multi wing centrifugal fan is formed by precision die stamping and electrophoretic treatment, with beautiful appearance.  

4. The fan has simple structure and good processability


5. Through strict dynamic and static balance test, the wind turbine has a stable dynamic and dynamic rotation, large air volume, high air pressure, and small vibration

6. The air duct of multi wing centrifugal fan is optimized, with obvious energy-saving effect.

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