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Cabinet air conditioner manual and working principle

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Cabinet Air Conditioner Installation Safety Instructions

When assembling and using this unit, please observe the following general safety instructions

1. Assembly, installation and maintenance should be carried out by appropriately trained professionals

2. When installing the cabinet air conditioner, screw the cabinet on the floor to prevent it from falling over

3. The air inlets and air outlets of each air conditioner in the cabinet should be kept unobstructed

4. To ensure that the cabinet door can be opened and closed easily, please use the retractable door rollers

5. The heat dissipation of components housed in the cabinet must not exceed the air conditioning and available cooling capacity of the cabinet

6. When shipping a rack with an external rack air conditioner, use the additional shipping struts to support the rack air conditioner

7. Rack air conditioners must always be in an upright position when transported

8. Only use original accessories and accessories

9. Only when the system is powered off, the power connector can be connected and disconnected, and the specified fuse on the nameplate should be connected.

Device introduction

Depending on the model of the unit selected, the appearance of your rack air conditioner may differ from the illustration in the instruction manual, but the functions are basically the same



1. Cap Nut

2. Evaporator fan

3. Electrical connection diagram

4. Main/connector

5. Alternative Serial Interface

6. Terminal strip

7. Air outlet

8. Rear shell

9. Exit louver space

10. Controller

11. Panels

12. Air inlet louver space

13. Nameplate

14. Condensate drain

15. Information Package

How Cabinet Air Conditioners Work

Cabinet air conditioners are divided into vapor compression air conditioners, semiconductor air conditioners and scroll air conditioners according to the refrigeration principle. The vapor compression cabinet air conditioner uses the compressor to compress the refrigerant, condense and release heat, and then evaporate and absorb heat to reduce the temperature of the environment. When installed on the control cabinet, the calorimeter in the cabinet can be transferred to the outside of the cabinet in a sealed condition. , so as to avoid the high temperature dust and corrosive gas in the external environment from entering the control cabinet, causing the above problems to occur. The temperature and humidity in the control cabinet are always in a constant ideal state, which ensures the service life and working stability of the electronic components. The semiconductor air conditioner transfers energy through the migration of electrons, without compressor and refrigerant, the structure of the air conditioner is relatively compact, and the cooling capacity is small.


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