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12 years of professional manufacturers explain the precautions for the use of cooling fans

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In today's climate of global warming, cooling fans are being demanded by more and more users and have become important accessories for various industrial products, whether in industrial equipment, home life, or electronic products , all need cooling fans as an important means of thermal cooling, because cooling fans are fast and convenient to install, and the price is generally acceptable, but the effect is very large.

The cooling fan is through the flow of air, so as to provide enough cold air to the equipment, reduce the temperature on all kinds of industrial equipment, so that the industrial machinery or electronic equipment products can maintain high-efficiency operation while running at high speed. The heat inside the device is too high, causing the entire product to affect its performance.


So what should we pay attention to when using the cooling fan? Today, the editor of Linkwell has sorted out the following points:

Precautions for the use of cooling fans:

1. Please avoid the entry of dust, water droplets and small insects, which will affect the life and the occurrence of defective products

2. Do not touch the leaf plate and the power cord around the fan or pull the power cord forcibly, as this will damage the shaft and power cord.

3. Please use it within six months, please do not store it for a long time, it will affect the performance of the fan due to the environment

4. Do not use in flammable gas and any harmful environment

5. When installing the fan, please pay special attention to the noise caused by resonance or vibration

6. When the fan is running, please do not try to lock the fan for a long time. This will cause the fan to be burnt due to continuous stop and no rotation, which will generate high heat.

7. The torque of the screw for locking the outer cable should not be too large. Remember not to use screwdrivers, iron rods, etc. to block the fan, which will damage the fan.

8. When a porter or operation, if the fan falls from a height of 60CM, it will affect the balance of the blades, especially the fan with ball bearing, should avoid falling

The above are some points that should be paid attention to in the use of cooling fans, compiled by Linkwell Xiaobian for you.

Linkwell is a manufacturer specializing in the production of cooling fans for cabinets. Its products are exported to 83 countries and have been recognized by major customers. Welcome to inquire about cooling fan products. Thank you for reading~~~~

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