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What is good for new energy cooling

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In the face of the severe and complex international energy supply situation in 2022 and the increasingly urgent "dual carbon" goal, environmental problems have become increasingly prominent in recent years, and the new energy market is booming, which is obvious to all. According to data released by the Federation, the retail sales of new energy vehicles are increasing every month. With the continuous increase in the number of new energy vehicles in my country, the problem of "difficulty charging during peak hours during holidays" is an urgent problem to be solved. To a large extent, new energy charging piles have become a new "outlet" in the field of new energy. As a popular new industry, in order to do a good job of charging piles, you must also know the heat dissipation principle and heat dissipation solutions of charging piles. This is one of the problems that urgently needs to be solved~~~

Linkwell will give an overview of the cooling products that solve the charging pile system.

  • The importance of charging pile cooling scheme design >>>>

The purpose of building charging facilities is to allow the vehicles to be charged to replenish more than 50-60% of the electric energy in a relatively short period of time. In practical applications, general electric vehicles use DC fast charging, which can be fully charged within 1~2H. The AC power can only be fully charged using the slow charging mode, which takes 6-8 hours. Therefore, for the charging demand of electric vehicles, of course, the faster the better, but as the charging speed increases, the current and voltage will increase linearly, which leads to an increase in the power of the charging pile inductance module. Components such as inductor modules and power modules generate heat rapidly and in large quantities.

  • How much heat is generated during charging of the charging pile?>>>>

In order to intuitively understand the calorific value generated by the charging pile during normal operation, we compare the charging pile with a power of 60KW and the communication power cabinet:

At present, the mainstream module efficiency in the industry is nominally 95%. Taking a 60KW system as an example, the heat dissipation of the module alone reaches 60*0.05*1000=3000W, which means that the heat generated by the charging pile during the charging process is the same as the outdoor communication under the same volume conditions. Cabinets dissipate 3 times as much heat.

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It can be seen that the heat generated by the charging pile during the charging process is large. If it is not dissipated in time, it will cause great safety accidents. Therefore, the problem of heat dissipation is one of the problems that must be solved in the promotion and construction of the charging pile system!

At present, the heat dissipation method often used by charging piles is mostly a combination of fans and filters. Its advantages are low cost, easy installation, strong wind power, and less energy consumption; it can quickly and greatly improve the cooling efficiency of the charging pile, and the dust, corrosive gas, moisture, etc. Filter out one by one. The cooling fan can increase the power of the fan, increase the area of the radiator and change the arrangement position of the radiator. This is also the most popular cooling product for consumers in the new energy field. Strict operating temperature requirements. In this regard, Linkwell's cooling fans "cool" the charging piles through cooling fan products that are safe, reliable, high temperature resistant, environmentally friendly and energy-saving, and have a long life. , Design and develop products according to market demand, realize the application of cooling fans in charging pile, energy storage, photovoltaic and other fields, conform to the general trend of green and environmental protection of new energy vehicles, and can also recommend different models according to the installation situation and use environment of charging piles The product.

In summary, Linkwell has designed several product selections for reference in the following fields. You are welcome to leave a message微信图片_20220808170155

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