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Introduction of fan heater, working principle and characteristics of electric cabinet fan heater

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Introduction to the fan heater, what is the working principle and what are the benefits of installing it?

Introduction to Fan Heaters-------

Fan-type electric heater is a new type of fan heater specially designed for dehumidification, anti-condensation and improving the working environment temperature of electrical components for power electrical cabinet equipment such as box-type substations. Due to the influence of the environment and the running time for a long time, the tidal mud will damage the electrical performance and cause SVG power unit failures, such as discharge, tripping, and even personal safety. The new generation of fan heaters uses a special aluminum alloy to dissipate heat. Plate, high-quality cast aluminum heater and fan. The compact heater protects the electrical cabinet from moisture. The fan-type heater is in the form of an integrated axial fan, providing hot air circulation. This product is based on the original DJR type with an additional cooling fan, which can heat up smoothly and has a good heating effect. Therefore, it is ensured that the temperature in the box is more uniform than that of the traditional instrument box heater. A temperature protector can be added to control the surface temperature of the heater as needed. The fan heater includes a temperature safety switch, even when the fan is not working. , It can also effectively prevent the overheating damage of the heater. The fan heater has the characteristics of small size, beautiful appearance, uniform heat dissipation, fast heat conduction, and large heat dissipation area. own life. It is an upgraded product of the current heater.


The working principle of the fan heater---------

The fan-type electric heater element is made of aluminum alloy material. The heating area of the heater is equipped with an aluminum fin radiator, and is matched with an axial flow fan, so that the heat generated by the heater can be quickly and evenly dissipated through the cooling fan, and the heat exchange efficiency is improved. . The temperature in the box is more uniform. It is especially suitable for heat tracing and insulation of precise component control boxes. The fan controller will automatically control the outdoor heater located at the air inlet interface according to the humidity of the inlet air, and dehumidify the inlet air by raising the temperature to reduce the humidity, so as to ensure the constant temperature of the cabinet.

Advantages of fan heaters-------

The compact axial fan heater is installed in the control cabinet to prevent the formation of condensation and condensation. When the heater is working, the high-performance axial fan distributes the heat evenly in the cabinet, ensuring the normal operation of the electrical components in the cabinet.

1. Save energy

2. Compact design

3. High-efficiency heat dissipation

4. Double insulation

5. Smart thermostat

6. Rail installation

7. Long service life

8. Maintenance-free

Shanghai Linkwell fan heater has novel appearance, various styles, compact structure, small footprint, good heating effect, multi-directional, multi-way installation, and various wiring methods to choose from. The heater and fan can be controlled individually or at the same time. , It comes with temperature control and overheating protection functions when working, which can achieve precise temperature control. The fan heaters produced are exported to more than 80 countries, and a long-term strategic partnership has been established. You are welcome to consult cabinet accessories. Cabinet accessories are available and can be customized.

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