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How should we choose the fan of the electrical control cabinet of the cabinet? Linkwell will answer for you

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How should we choose the cooling fan of the cabinet electrical control cabinet?

We all know that cooling fans are generally installed in electrical control cabinets. There are various components in the cabinet. During continuous operation, any component of electronic equipment will generate heat. At this time, cooling fans will be used. This is for better Protect the major components in the electrical cabinet, reduce unnecessary losses, and install cooling fans to solve big problems at low cost.

So, how to choose the fan in the electrical control cabinet, here is a straightforward explanation from Linkwell;

Some are installed on the top, and some are installed on the left, right, up, and down. For air intake and exhaust, when installing cooling fans in the electric control cabinet, the large heat-generating components should be placed as close to the cold air intake as possible to improve heat dissipation efficiency. , and try to avoid installing the inverter above the heat source. If the control cabinet is equipped with high-power heating equipment such as inverters, the exhaust volume of the fan on the control cabinet should be larger than that of the internal equipment. total exhaust volume.

Usually electrical control cabinets and cabinet fans are blown out, and then there are air inlets, and filters are installed at the air inlets. Linkwell Xiaobian has more than ten years of work experience, and here it is recommended to use a fan filter combination, which is especially suitable for economical discharge of high heat loads. It should be noted here that it is most effective to use a fan filter combined with a fan only when the temperature in the cabinet is higher than the ambient temperature, because the hot air is lighter than the cold air, and the air flow in the cabinet should be from bottom to top, so , under normal circumstances, it should be used as an air inlet under the front door or side wall of the cabinet, and an exhaust port above.

If the working site environment is ideal, and there is no dust, oil mist, water vapor and other components that will affect the normal operation of the cabinet air, the air inlet can be 

used to install a cooling fan - an axial flow fan.

If the working site environment is relatively bad, for example, dust, water vapor, etc. affect the normal operation of each component in the electrical control cabinet, then a filter fan should be used at the air inlet, and a filter grid should be used at the exhaust port. The combination of the filter is matched with the cooling fan. To prevent dust, oil mist, etc. from entering the electrical control cabinet, affecting the service life of major components. Shanghai Linkwell has a mature supply of cooling fan products for cabinets, the installation is simple, fast and convenient, and the filter pads can be easily replaced. Linkwell has a strong barrier filter efficiency cotton, IP54 high-quality waterproof sealing ring, simple Bright, high-quality terminal blocks, available in a wide range of sizes.


Furthermore, a top exhaust fan can also be used to increase heat dissipation. Choose according to the actual economic situation. It's a good method, so I won't explain them one by one here~~

Postscript~~~ The selection of the fan filter can be selected from the characteristic curve table of the cooling fan according to the difference between the temperature in the cabinet and the ambient temperature and the heat loss in the cabinet. If there are any unclear points, leave it to Linkwell We will do our best to answer + configuration for you.

In conclusion, fan filters are the most commonly used method. Thank you for reading, I hope it helps everyone~~

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