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Correct use of cooling fan

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We all know that there are many cooling fans, and the application range is also very wide. Although most of the cooling fans are used in the equipment, the fans are also very important accessories, which can improve the efficiency of the equipment. The correct use of the cooling fans can not only improve the The use efficiency can also prolong the service life.

1. When installing the fan, it should be installed according to the principle of "forward and back out", that is to say, the natural wind enters from the air inlet on the front panel of the cabinet, and the heat in the cabinet is discharged through the suction of the cooling fan on the rear panel.

2. Test with cigarettes: light a cigarette, turn on the fan, put the cigarette in front of the fan, if the cigarette is drawn in, it is sucking, if it blows out, it is blowing

3. Confirm the installation direction of the cooling fan in the cabinet, that is, whether the fan blows air into the cabinet, or draws air outside the cabinet.

4. We need to pay attention to the fact that the cooling fan should run in a suitable temperature environment. Pay attention to whether the selected bearing contains oil or double balls. The service life of the balls will be two-thirds longer than that of the oil-containing ones. Generally, the cooling fan in the cabinet is built. With ball bearings, the voltage cannot exceed the rated voltage of the fan.

Usually pay more attention to the maintenance of the cooling fan, maintain the cooling fan, and clean it, then the life will be extended.

The above is a brief introduction to the correct use of cooling fans. If you need cooling fans, please come to consult


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